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    Competition Model Characteristics of Elite Male Sprinters
    New Studies(2014)4,pp 53-60
    Identifying Opportunities for Enhanced Hamstring Health Through Improved Running Mechanics and Proper
    Loading Progressions
    New Studies(2014)4,pp 25-32
Elite Level Development Rates and Age-Based Performance Patterns for The Men's Throwing Events
    New Studies(2014)3,pp 69-75
    Force Plate Use In Performance Monitoring and Sport Science Testing
    New Studies(2014)3,pp 25-37
    Running with Poles to Increase Training Efficiency and Reduce Injuries
    New Studies(2014)2,pp 55-68
    Monitoring Training Load in Sprint Interval Exercises
    New Studies(2014)2,pp 19-30
Shot Put With Lighter Implement
New Studies(2014)1,pp 75-81
Testing a Model to Monitor Training Effects in Distance Running
New studies(2013)4,pp 71-86
    Analysing Coach Behavior
New studies(2013)2,pp 197-198
    3D Biomechanical Analysis of Women's High Jump Technique
New studies(2012)4,pp 45-55
    Muscle Damage and Fatigue in the Marathon
New studies(2012)2,pp 197-198
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