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Key Lecturer for this Seminar was Mr. Abdel Malek El Hebil (Marroco) who is also an IAAF Senior Lecturer.

Seminar was officially opened with welcome speech” of Mr. Ria Lumintuarso as the  RDC Jakarta Director and subsequently continued with delivering seminar orientation by the Lecturer.

The 20 attended Participants from 15 different countries were as follows:

1.  Mr. Haji Sharon bin Haji Shamsudin – BRU

2.  Mr. Chheng Phorn – CAM

3.  Mr. Mohammad Mohsen Rabbani – IRI

4.  Mr. Sudhir Kumar Rana – IND

5.  Mr. Ivan Budi Aji – INA

6.  Ms. Nurul Imaniar – INA

7.  Ms. Yona Afrimasari – INA

8.  Mr. Mohd Azam Abu Hashim – MAS

9.  Mr. Hussain Rauhath Qudhrathulla – MDV

10. Mr. Sulthan Saeed – MDV

11. Mr. Ko Ko Naing – MYA

12. Ms. Bimala Joshi – NEP

13. Mr. Mumtaz Ul Hag – PAK

14. Mr. Joselito Gando – PHI

15. Mr. Tan Wei Leong – SIN

16. Mr. H.D.J. Rathnasuriya – SRI

17. Mr. J.A. Sumeda Jayakody – SRI

18. Mr. Kuenzang Rinchen – BHU

19. Mr. Kaka – BHU

 20.Ms. Odete Belo – TLS

 Mr. Malek was emphasizing the importance of developing young athletes which should be taken care more seriously by basing on the philosophy “Athletes First, Winning Second”. In the practical class he also emphasized on “Coaches Eyes” as part of important Coaches duty in giving training on coordination movement or coordination technique. And in the classroom, all Participants was doing workshop on microcycles program through puzzle method.


Seminar was ended on the 6th of September 2017 and all Participants got their certificates.




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