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IAAF Road Course Measurement Seminar






Participated by 17 Measurers who were representing 12 different countries:

1.   Mr. Muhammad Halimin Shahbuddin (BRU)

2.   Mr. G. Krishnan (IND)

3.   Mr. Budi Leksono (INA)

4.   Mr. Denih Hermawan (INA)

5.   Mr. Norman (INA)

6.   Mr. Iraj Iri (IRI)

7.   Mr. Sultan Mehmood Satti (PAK)

8.   Mr. Mohanaraju Annamalai (MAS)

9.   Mr. Rhada Krishna Bista (NEP)

10.    Mr. Allan Ballester (PHI)

11.    Mr. Rommel Ballester (PHI)

12.    Mr. Bothalage Nishantha Manoj Nayanananda (SRI)

13.    Mr. Alloy Nishantha Waickramasinghe (SRI)

14.    Mr. Mohd. Faisal Suptu (SIN)

15.    Mr. Sathit Maneechot (THA)

16.    Mr. Prasit Nopparat (THA)

17.    Ms. Cheng Lai Ching, Annie (HKG)

The appointed Expert in Course Measurement was Mr. FUNG WANG TAK of Hongkong.

Stages of Seminar material delivery:

  1. Introducing needed equipments that had to be prepared for measuring
  2. How to set the equipment, the John Counter, to bicycle
  3. Practicing to set the John Counter in pairs and individually until all participants were really capable to set it
  4. How to do measuring and making calculation

Calibration measurement practical was started in the classroom, classroom sorrounding until the main road and was done in groups, in pairs and individually. The practical was repeatedly doing many times with different length of distance.

The 1st of October 2015 as the last day of Seminar, Mr. Fung Wang Tak gave assignment to all Participants to do course measuring and presenting their result.

Seminar was officially closed by RDC-Jakarta Director, Mr. Ria Lumintuarso, by presenting the Attendance Certificates to all Participants.



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