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IAAF CECS Level I Lecturers Course
Nestle-RDC-Jakarta Kids Athletics
IAAF CECS Level IV on Middle And Long Distance Course  21rdOctober3rd November 201
IAAF CECS Level II Lecturer Course  10rd 17 rd November 2013
IAAF Pilot Project  27rd 31 rd December 2012
IAAF CECS Level III Course on Sprint and Hurdles 4rd 17 rd December 2012
Development Strategy Seminar for Women 01rd 03 rd November 2012
IAAF CECS Level IV Refreshers Workshop for Jumps 24rd – 27th September 2012
IAAF CECS Level I Lecturers Course 20rd – 25th April 2012
IAAF Area race Walking Judge Evaluation for ASIA 23rd – 24th October 2011
Board Meeting RDC Jakarta 25rd October 2011
IAAF  Area Starters Course 26rd - 28rd October 2011


Lecturers:   1. Mr. Abdel Malek El-Hebil (Maroco/IAAF)
                 2. Mr.RiaLumintuarso(Indonesia/RDC Jakarta)

Participants: Mr.Muhammad MosharrfHossain (BAN), Mr.LungtenTshering (BHU), Mr.Mohammad Johardi bin H. Johari (BRU), Mr.Doeun Chandra (CAM), Mr.Pramod Kumar Singh (IND), Mr.RusdiantoGobel (INA), Ms.WindaPrasepty (INA), Mr.Zainal bin Abas (MAS), Dr. Hussain Haleem (MDV), Ms.Riezel Buenaventura (PHI), Mr. Donovan Ong En Xiang (SIN), Mr. Roger Tan (SIN), Ms.SriyaniKulawansa (SRI)

Delivered course
material by lecturers were as follows : Generation “Y”, Kids Athletics, General Approach, Kids Athletics Competition, Communication, Improvisation of Equipment, Teaching Skills, Structure Model of Talent Identification, Jumps Practical, Throws Practical, Sprint & Hurdles Practical, Distance, Steeple Chase, and Race Walk Practical

In order to pass as an IAAF
Level I Lecturer, all participantshad to complete the following exams: teaching exam, presentation exam in the classroom, andtheory exam

After completing the exams, the Lecturers gave the feedback to each participant and explaning each participant’s competence. All participants was delivered by a certificate in accordance to their competency.


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